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Current News

The Vault

  June 6, 2014

Vault logo

Finally a pathway to the roof for pipe, conduit, telecommunication cables, etc

The VAULT eliminates the costly leak repairs associated with with individual penetration. Once installed it allows for a future pathway to the roof with no further penetrations required – protecting your roof warranty.

Every VAULT is engineered with…

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New Erico Mobile Catalog!

  June 6, 2014

Caddy Mobile


Finding innovative, time-saving CADDY Fastening and Support Solutions just became easier.  Contractors have long turned to CADDY Products when they needed to solve a challenging problem on the jobsite, and now the answers are available at the swipe of a finger.  Our new mobile catalog provides access to complete product information and can be…

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Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

  June 6, 2014



It is the safest and most reliable means of absorbing up to 8 inches of movement resulting from thermal changes, random seismic shifts, and misalignment in a piping system. It also dampens vibration and reduces the transmission of noise. Tri-Flex Loops are designed to be pressure tested…

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