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Water Control

40+ Years Experience

Since 1971, Water Control has been helping architects, engineers, plumbing/mechanical contractors, and industry distributors to solve their clients’ difficult water problems. With 40+ years experience, there are very few water issues we can’t effectively address. Water Control has complete commercial / residential offerings.

Located just outside Minneapolis, MN, our team of professionals includes mechanical designers, engineers, CAD™/Revit™ technicians, licensed plumbers, controls experts, customer service specialists, service technicians, and outside sales staff. With a network of quality independent representatives around the USA and Canada, we provide local-level service and solutions.

Beyond traditional water softening, Water Control provides a huge array of treatment system options:

  • high-capacity ultrafiltration
  • ion exchange
  • membrane filtration
  • disinfection technologies
  • water reclamation packages
  • and more

End users of our equipment include local, state, and federal institutions, universities, health care providers, well-known InfoTech companies, homeowners, resort owners, and manufacturers both large and small.

We’d love to work with you. Please contact us today to get started!