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Anaco HUSKY Couplings

Anaco NO-HUB couplings have been produced since 1963 originally under license from the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute. Upon their introduction, they became the immediate alternative to the older method of joining conventional hub and spigot pipe fittings by caulking with oakum and lead and the later method of compression gaskets.

Today Anaco’s coupling is providing the perfect answer for joining hubless cast iron pipe and fittings in drainage, waste and vent systems. The anaco coupling is flexible, not only enabling it to accommodate possible disparities in mating pipe but also providing a permanent seal which is superior to other, more rigid types of couplings.

Since 1963, Anaco has been the leader in no-hub coupling technology. From our complete line of Standard No-Hub couplings, to Husky 4000 and 2000 series, to both shielded and unshielded transition couplings, Anaco produces the broadest line of couplings for connecting cast iron in DWV systems, as well as connecting cast iron to virtually all types of DWV pipe and fittings.

See the Husky Difference, with Anaco-Husky Couplings


How To Correctly Install Anaco-Husky Couplings